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BMW Series


Knowing which series of BMW you own is handy information. It allows for easy reference as to the Bimmer model you own. Also below is details on BMW Nomenclature. The 3 digit number often followed by 1 or 2 letters. First number is the series. Next two numbers represent the engine displacement in cubic centimeters divided by 100 with few exceptions.

Series Break Down

    E32 7 Series (88-94)
      E34 5 Series (89-96)
        E36 3 Series (92-99)
          E38 7 Series (95-01)
            E39 5 Series (97-04)
              E46 3 Series (99-06)
                E36 Z3 (94-01)
                  E53 X5 (99-06)
                    E85 Z4 (02-09)
                      E65 7 Series (01-08)
                        E90 3 Series (07-Present)
                          E60 5 Series (05-Present)
                            E70 X5 (07-Present)


                            A = automatic transmission
                              C = coupe, last used on the BMW E46 and the BMW E63 (dropped after 2005 model year)
                                c = cabriolet
                                  d = diesel
                                    e = eta (efficient economy)
                                      g = compressed natural gas/CNG
                                        h = hydrogen
                                          i = fuel-injected
                                            L = long wheelbase
                                              s = sport, also means "2 dr" on E36 model
                                                sDrive = rear-wheel drive
                                                  T = touring (wagon/estate)
                                                    Ti = hatchback for the BMW 3 Series hatchback
                                                      x / xDrive = BMW xDrive all-wheel drive




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